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                 Amazing Treatment is the only Treatment facility that has a Tailored SUBOXONE program designed to help you titrate off of SUBOXONE for good. We do not allow our patients to stay on SUBOXONE long term as we fully understand the risks in doing so. We are not a treatment center for those looking to stay on their medication, we are a facility that understand that importance of moving on and past your addiction. We are a treatment center for Real People, who are looking for real results and want real treatment for a chance at real sobriety.  We help our patients understand the process of getting off all substances for good. Have you been stuck in the cycle of long term suboxone use? Do you want to get off opiates for good but are afraid to try SUBOXONE for fear of just replacing one thing for another? We can help, we have proven time and time again that it is possible to be free from the shackles of addiction. We have helped people get completely off Their SUBOXONE and live a sober life in as little as 3 months, but our program is designed to get you off suboxone in no more than 15 months and we feel very strongly that our unique formula is the answer.  Our program is designed around you and your timeline and schedule. This is real treatment for those who truly want to be free from the bondage of substances. In our groups we are fully dynamic and engaging. You're not just going to sit around a classroom and listen to lecture. We want to make sure that you understand all aspects of addiction so that you may have a deeper understand of how to control it. We teach you about what is happening in your brain from Neurotransmitters to the biology and effects of drugs on the body. We then dive into ways to stop triggers and cravings, relapse prevention, self-worth, confidence, goal settings and many more areas that we believe one Truley needs to stay sober for a lifetime. Not only do we conduct groups, but we ensure that you have a lifeline and someone to speak to each week in our individual appointments where you will dig deep into where your addiction may be coming from and ways to help you through it and beyond. We deeply care about every one of our patients and their success and it shows through our counseling and attention to each individual's needs. 

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